there’s a clear reason why he’s one of my favourite people ever


Performing their 2015 program, “Ebola”, Drum Corps International is proud to present, The Crossmen!

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im  dropping out of school to become a full time piece of shit

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a really fun game: mail me 1,000 dollars and then give yourself a high five

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have you ever considered that female celebrities claim not to be feminists/push a watered down version of feminism because it’s fucking unsafe for them to admit to anything else? emma watson gave the most watered down, man friendly speech on feminism i’ve ever seen in my life and men threatened to leak nudes of her and attack her so

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every family got a plastic bag full of plastic bags

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  • Kidnapper: Get in the fukin van
  • Me: Oh ok cool
  • Kidnapper: Wut
  • Me: This is a febreze commercial right
  • Kidnapper: Wut
  • Me: Smells pretty shitty in here to me tbh
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tumblr during autumn, more like


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